Thousands of hacked Twitter accounts spamming malware-links

Today at 08:49 CET over 1600 Twitter-accounts started spreading spam-links, and the numbers are still increasing.


When they started spreading, they first linked to Viagra spam. After a while, the server they connected to stopped serving pages. Now, they started linking to an exploit page instead (at first, but now changed again).

The spam tweets consists of a random word, and link, and some antivirus-related search term: excellent anti-virus, check for viruses 2012, or as in the picture below proven antivirus:

At the moment of writing, I’ve seen 45810 tweets, from 1997 unique twitter accounts, and it’s still increasing. It’s rather common for hacked accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter or E-mail, to be used for spamming, but when it’s done like this, it’s not really sophisticated. Just mass-spamming. The content makes it rather obvious that it’s not sent by the real account holder. The amount of accounts involved though are really interesting!

It’s always important to make sure you don’t ”loose” your password to your e-mail and social media accounts. This applies to everyone, not just ”important” people with lots of followers. Your account is a part of your life and lifestyle, and it’s a bridge to other people. Trust is important, and there’s always a risk you or someone else will get hurt, even if a bunch of spam-tweets doesn’t seem so bad.

Update 14:49 CET: Currently the statistics is up to 57860 tweets, and 2179 unique twitter accounts.

Update April 20th, 2102 at 12:23 CET: I just rechecked my statistics after all of this, and I’ve seen 77232 tweets from 2306 users.


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